Welcome to SuperSecret.com!

SuperSecret is a safe, fun, online world for kids and teens! Here, your child will be encouraged to express his or her own style and unique personality while exploring an incredible 3D world full of friends, games and fashion!

After creating a character, your kids can visit the Plaza to shop for the latest fashions, hop in a sporty convertible and cruise down Rodeo Drive or stop by the SuperSecret club for a dance party – at SuperSecret, there’s no end to the fun!

SuperSecret is packed with fun, fashionable games, but it’s also a place where kids can learn. From practicing computer and keyboard skills to working on cooperation, friendship and teamwork, SuperSecret is a safe, beneficial online destination for kids. After all, safety is our top priority at SuperSecret, and we’ve designed our game to be a positive experience for kids of all ages!

If you ever have any questions about SuperSecret.com or your child’s SuperSecret character, contact our friendly customer support team at support@supersecret.com.