A Whole New SuperSecret Gaming Experience!

We’ve worked hard to bring you an even better SuperSecret world! With an all-new art style and cool new features, SuperSecret is still about friends, fashion and fun!


  • Show off your sense of style with all-new fashions
  • Raise, train and care for your very own pet
  • Dance the night away in Club SuperSecret
  • Walk the runway in Club SuperSecret
  • Jam with the band to the most popular music
  • Chat with your friends in cool new places
  • Mix potions and cast spells on your friends
  • Cruise Rodeo Drive in your own cool car
  • Play all of your favorite arcade games
  • Make your character look just how you want it
  • Update your status and post messages for your friends
  • And so much more!

Answers to Your Biggest Questions

What happened to my age?
The new SuperSecret does not have ages. Instead of getting age points, you can play the same great arcade games to earn style points so you can get more cool stuff!

What happened to my stuff?
The new SuperSecret is a completely new game with a new scoring system and new items. Unfortunately, your inventory from the old game could be carried over. However, we’ve started you off with some Style Bucks so you can start buying cool new items right away!

Is there chat?
Yes! The new SuperSecret has the same chat options as you have now. Your chat permissions stayed the same as they were before, so if you already had Super Chat, you are able to use it right when you get into the new SuperSecret.

What happened to my friend list?
Your friend list stays the same! However, you may not be able to see friends in your friend list until they log in to the new SuperSecret for the first time.

What happened to my membership?
If you are currently a SuperSecret member, you still get great members-only perks at the new SuperSecret. Here are some of the members-only features:

  • More of the latest fashions
  • Fun pets to raise, take care of and play with
  • Rock out with the band onstage
  • Model in a Club SuperSecret fashion show
  • Turn your friends into frogs, hamburgers, rabbits and more
  • Access to the VIP lounge in Club SuperSecret
  • PLUS, we gave you 500 style bucks to start the game with!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you in the new SuperSecret!